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This is a technology and travel blog.

My name is Harshit Rastogi, I have many years of experience in the software industry along with a master’s degree in designing Software Systems. I have divided this blog into two parts mainly, technology and travel so you can navigate easily. Here, I As An Individual Shares My Experience And Learning.


Travel is a personal choice and so is sharing your experience that too genuine. Please follow it here.


I have designed databases, application backend, and front end and sharing my same experiences here.


I have finished multiple projects and made several products live.


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  • Rate Limiting – Token and Leaky Bucket Implementation and Explanation

    Token and Leaky Bucket Implementation and Explanation or rather rate limiting is a technique used to control the rate of traffic on a network. These are implemented using Congestive-Avoidance Algorithms (CAA), namely Token and Leaky Bucket algorithm.

  • Software System Monitoring Tools

    Software system monitoring tools are essential for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of any software system. These tools are designed to continuously monitor the performance and status of a system, alerting administrators to any issues or potential problems that may arise. There are many different types of software system monitoring tools available, each with…

  • Parking Lot – System Design HLD

    Let us divide Parking Lot – System Design HLD into two main points, one is entry and other is exit. In entry we should provide tickets to end user by querying the DB and save / update the details accordingly. And in exit the payment is processed and vehicle is marked for exit and parking…