Rain, Cigarette, and Tea

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It was raining that day, I was walking towards my house on a waterlogged road. Drenched in the rain, I was eagerly looking for the shop to buy a cigarette. As soon as I found one shop, I asked for the Marlboro lights. I put that cigarette in my mouth and started pointing the shopkeeper with my hands and some weird action to get a light or a matchbox. Suddenly a voice came from behind, “Bhaiyya Cigarette ke liye maachis maange rahe hai” . This literally translates to “he is asking for a matchbox to lit the cigarette”.

I looked towards her, she was also fully drenched in the rain. The water droplets were coming from her forehead and slowly moving from the side of her eyes. The droplets then went towards her lips and fall down from the chin. She had a perfect jawline, her hairs were open and wiggling with every coming air strokes.

The Build-Up

I thanked her for the gesture, she replied: “it’s ok and we started smoking there only. I don’t know why I asked her to have a cup of tea at there only. Thankfully, she agreed and replied: “Even she is also feeling a bit cold, a cup of tea will do the needful”.

I immediately turned towards the shopkeeper, asked for two cups of tea.

She was working in the Real Estate and I was a software intern. She was looking gorgeous and I was in pathetic clothes. We were sitting on a bench and we started discussing about pathetic roads, properties and how we are managing our job as well as house.

Suddenly, there was a great thunder, she held my hand and in fear put her head on my shoulder. I was holding the teacup in my other hand, which got slightly unstable and some hot tea was spilled over my thumb and fingers. Now there was an awkwardly little distance between the two of us. Unfazed with these events, I kept looking at her eyes, they were so big and beautiful and a mascara underneath is giving a perfect compliment to her big brown angel eyes.

She finished her tea and put the cup in the dustbin. We shook our hands and walked in the opposite direction. Apparently, the house she was in, was in a different direction than mine. After few moments, I realized the biggest mistake of my life. I forgot to ask her mobile number, and the moment I turned back, she was all gone. She was lost in the public of Indian crowded road.

I just looked upward, putting one of my hand over my head to wipe out the rainwater I turned back and boom. I bumped into her and she was there only, laughing uncontrollably. At that particular moment, I realized It was the happiest moment of my life.

This is how our story started with four main key ingredients: Cigarette, Rain, Tea, and Destiny.

The End

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