System Design

Learn about how to create effective, reliable, secure and scalable system design.

What is System Design?

System Design is an interdisciplinary engineering process and activity which leads to creation of a successful usable system.

A system on a whole can have lots of integrated set of small sub-system. It is a comprehensive process of defining, developing and analysing of different modules, architectures, components and their interfaces to satisfy a set of well specified business requirement’s. This brainstorming and creation of integrated system on a whole is called System Design.

As we have already seen and observed, IT and Software giants like Intel, Qualcomm, Google, Meta and even budding startups to mid size firms all ask for design questions during interviews. Thus, it becomes a very important aspect of learning of how to make a scalable system.

Upcoming news for System Design

A comprehensive series on how to design an efficient scalable system, with basics. This series, which will slowly move to the advance version helps you to understand software design principles to create a proper reliable and scalable design for the system. I will share the links of the posts/courses one by one. Once the entire series is published, I will also launch a set of questionnaire with keys. So you can have an hands-on kind of experience as well.

I will/am mentioning a well defined set of courses/ blog posts that will help you to learn step by step process. And this will help you to crack the interviews and grow in your career.

minimal basics of system design
Minimal basics of designing a system


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