The Death of .net and the Arrival of .net core

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In short Yes, .net is or will be dead soon. But .Net core is much alive and kicking and is the future of development in Microsoft.

When Microsoft started developing this framework, they named it as Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS). In the year 2000, they launched the .Net framework 1.0. By August 2000, both Microsoft and Intel started working on Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and c#. C# was led by a Danish Engineer Anders Hejlsberg, he left Borland and started working with Microsoft to devise a new language which will be used as the default or synonym with Microsoft .Net Framework. Anders Hejlsberg’s latest implementation is Typescript, which gives JavaScript a more strict syntactical feel and making JS more Object Oriented.

Swimlane – Microsoft .Net Framework.

As per the official website, the Microsoft framework is basically divided into two major parts:

  • The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the execution engine that handles running applications. It provides services like thread management, garbage collection, type-safety, exception handling, and more.
  • The Class Library provides a set of APIs and types for common functionality. It provides types for strings, dates, numbers, etc. The Class Library includes APIs for reading and writing files, connecting to databases, drawing, and more.

Beginning of the open-source era for Microsoft

During the initial phase until Bill was the CEO of the company they kept .net framework licensed. Thus making it work only in the closed environment of windows. But after the failure or various features (Silverlight) and products like windows phone, and once Satya becomes CEO and his baby azure becomes the backbone of the companies overall earning. They started focusing on services and platforms instead of the product. And hence the phase of open source started with the advent of .Net Core and made .Net framework free.

And now they have become open-sourced and focusing on the .net core that version 4.8 will be the last major release of .net framework. After which every code in this entire world will be written in the .net core. Once Visual Studio code, which is a free editor from MS is combined with .Net Core framework; it makes the best available frameworks or environments a developer wants to works in. Here is the list below which will tell us more about the same:

So let’s start with what we can do with .net Core

  • .Net Core is open source and its code is available on GitHub, you can literally go and fork it
  • .Net Core is cross-platform and works in all the primary Os like macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Visual Studio Code which is best to use for .Net core is also supported on Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • .Net Core is the way to go to create cross-platform apps using Blazor in c#
  • You can create PWA, Web API, and Web App if you are a web developer
  • VS Code has inbuilt integration with Azure and can also work with AWS equally productively.
  • It is well suited if you are using a container (cloud computing) concept.
  • The latest .net core also started supporting asp and WPF as well.
  • VS Code supports all the major languages like python, c++, angular, and React
  • You can code in literally any language and intermix various framework
  • You can create web API in c# and write front end in React and save data in Mongo DB


So if you have a bug to learn something new and ready to dive into the world of new possibilities and future, .Net core is a way to go.

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