WordPress.com Vs WordPress.Org – Major Differences

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We suggest you not get confused WordPress.com with WordPress.Org. WordPress is founded by Matt Mullenweg, who published its source code under the WordPress foundation. WordPress.Com is a commercialized version of the same also owned by Matt Mullenweg, the founder of Automattic. He blogs at ma.tt. Let’s go with the table of content below for WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org – Major Differences

Introduction To Internet, Blogging And WordPress

So you are starting out to enter the world of the Internet, you know you are good at writing, you wanted to have your own brand, create your own niche and reach a wider range of audiences. You searched the internet and found out more than half of the world websites are made in WordPress. You then searched WordPress and then you got two links, one to WordPress.Com and other to wordpress.org. Where to go from now, and to clear that doubt, we are telling you the WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org – Major Differences

First Timer – Go For WordPress.Com

WordPress.Com is made for bloggers. So if you are a blogger and want to blog out your feelings, your emotions, or your skills. WordPress.Com is the right place for you, your free blog will be created like Your_Blog_Unique_Name.Wordpress.com.

Also, it has quite a large audience and there might be chances if your article is good, you may get featured in their Readers home page. WordPress.com also has great AMP support.

How To Set up A Free Blog In WordPress.com?

Simply go to their official website, wordpress.com, and click on the Add a new site to start fresh. Do not select any other option which requires customization. A plain vanilla WordPress blog is free of cost, but if you have to do any customization. You can opt for any four plans, which are Personal, Premium, Business and ECommerce.

Why Choose WordPress.Org?

The plans of WordPress.Com are not worth until and unless you go for Business plan, there you can have custom themes and upload custom widgets as well. The support is unmatchable with quick turn around time. The only downfall is the hefty price that you pay plus you still don’t get any programming support from anyone. You need to code it yourself. Also, WordPress.com’s free plan shows advertisements to your site.

So if you want to run a business with full SEO support and cater to much larger audience, which will not be community-driven but passion-driven. WordPress.Org is the way to go.

Hosting and Technicalities Of Self Hosted WordPress

See to run the wordpress, you need to buy servers, servers are like storage/house for your website. you can buy domain name suiting your skills and business. We suggest you to buy both from same company.

There are too many companies out there but below are the major ones

  • BlueHost
  • Hostinger
  • HostGator
  • GoDaddy
  • SiteGround
  • DreamHost

We suggest you to go for hostinger, as they offer one of the cheapest hosting plans.

Once you get the hosting servers and domain name. you can install WordPress on the storage and point your domain name to it. Once WordPress is installed on the server storage, you can start customizing it with all the power in the world.

Conclusion – WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org

So if you are new, choose WordPress.Com. Learn the environment, the ecosystem, play with posts and pages. Once you get enough experience move to a hosted platform.

In hosted enviroment,you get freedom to do whatever you want to do. But be careful you may corrupt the base code.

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