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Where earth meets heaven, the Ashvem beach is the hidden treasure of Goa. Having chilled beer while sunbathing at shacks, surfing in the morning, and lots of Russian girls is what Ashvem beach is all about.

This post is about the one day visit to the Ashwem beach and our experience about it.


Since I have been to Pondicherry, Kerela, Mumbai, and Goa. This is prima facie the best beach till now, even better than paradise beach of Pondicherry. So we were coming from the Baga and this was our third day of the Goa trip, we were on a scooter and it was around a 20 km ride from Baga, the beach is very beautiful and is complete of white sand.

The beach lies in the North of the Morjim area of Goa and starts from the Chapora river till the Querim beach. There are a lot of hidden treasures in Morjim, Tito’s Morjim is one of them, if you are in North Goa, club Tito’s is the must-visit.

The Stay

We stayed in the Rococco Ashvem Beach Resort, Ashvem Beach, it is the best-reviewed resort of Ashwem, it has 931 Google reviews till now with 4+ out of 5 ratings. This property is situated on the beachside, with an immensely beautiful view. We went there on 10 Feb 2020 and it was mostly or more than 70% occupied by the Russian crowd.

The room has a comfy bed, mini-fridge, and tea maker. The bathrooms were bigger with the bath tab. It will be great if you get a sea view room, that will make your stay more awesome. The rates starting from Dec till mid-Feb may rise as high as Rs. 15000 as well, so a better book in advance. The best time to visit this place is from 15 Nov to 15 Feb, no sooner no later.

The property has all the amenities but the only drawback is check-in time, they take a lot of time to clean rooms and if you arrive early it is highly unlikely you will get your room before 12pm. The receptionist is a Russian and a tough girl to talk to. The services are good and so is the food.

Sunset @Goa

The food and the ambiance

The kingfish shallow fried in Rawa is a treat, bread omelet in the breakfast, and Indian food in the evening while the sun is setting in front of you. You will get all the beers there, and all the drinks. The restaurant view is so good that you won’t feel like going from there.

There is a hanging bed like a swing, as well as facing the seashore of Ashvem Beach. It has a waiting time to sit on it. Also, I would like to mention one more thing, the Russians especially men’s has a very dominating personality towards Indians. The body language they use while talking to us is not so great. This looks odd to me but if you are in some other country better you should be polite to the people living there well. So I suggest tourists stay away from Russians in Goa.

The water reaches its peak at midnight, it’s a high tide. The best time to take a bath is in mid-noon. You can take bath do sunbathe and drink beer/whiskey at shacks.

The food is great and so is the view, the beach is too clean, less populated, silent, and peaceful. If you are looking for solitude then this is the place.

Night View Ashwem beach
Bira Goa

Where to Book from

Book your hotel from Agoda or booking you may find them the cheapest. Make sure to read more about Manali in Winters here.

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