Kerala itinerary for 3 days – Alleppey and Trivandrum

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You cannot cover everything but at least feel the essence of life. A weekend in Kerala is like touching heaven’s door and coming back to your mundane life. Travelling Kerala needs time and patience and the best time to visit Kerala is from Nov to February, it’s a dry season and the best weather to explore. Let’s have a look at our Kerala Itinerary for 3 days.

Difference between Delhi and Kerala

Kerala is heaven, So I will be sharing my experience with you guys, I am from Northern India where safety is the least priority. So we are extra careful here, especially in the Delhi-NCR region.

So here it goes, I was tired with the office work and I came back by 11 pm driving in the cold nights of November of Noida. As I have a flight next day by 5 am to Kochi I had only 3-4 hours in which I need to do the packing as well, I and my wife were so tired when we finished packing, we got a message from our flight vendor to reach the airport at least 2 hours before flight time.

Since we were tired and were sleepy like anything. We had thought of taking a nap in uber itself but this thought itself gave us shiver down our spine. We refrained ourselves for the complete 1.5 hours ride to the airport. As prevention is better than cure, we were fighting with ourselves not to sleep in UBER because of safety concerns.

We reached the airport just in time, completed our check-in. We slept in flight even before it could take off from airstrips.

Kerala itinerary for 3 days.

Below Is our Kerala Itinerary for 3 Days, from Delhi–>Kochi –> Allepey –> Trvindrum–>Delhi

Day 1: Kochi and Alleppey

We reached Kochi by 7 am, we completed our checkout process and asked for taxi services. There was a govt. organized taxi counter which was very pocket-friendly. We booked a Honda City for Alleppey.

The city is at least 1.5 hours away from Kochi with 60 km to cover and we slept without any fear. I just gave the address to the driver and he woke us up only 15 mins before arrival.

So if you are considering about safety than Kerala is much safer. I booked Deshadan resort, it’s a backwater resort with lake facing rooms. You can see the sun setting through water bodies and feel the heaven there. You can spend the day there enjoying the view, playing with rabbits taking the resort spa and massages. 

Day 2: Shikhara and the rainy affair

The next day we went boating on the shikhara. The hotel will arrange the jeep for you and take you the point where you can sit on the boat and enjoy the view and it was a proper sunny day no signs of the cloud, but out of nowhere, we can see the clouds and an announcement for heavy rainfall came to our radio. Within 5-10 mins the whole backwater area was covered with clouds.

We started running just like we were doing in kasol towards our hotel. And since we planned to take some booze to home, I asked the chauffeur to take us to some local authorized wine shop. There we purchased some liquor and banana chips from a local vendor. We reached the hotel by 5 pm because of the constant rainfall and road blockages, we slept after taking some drinks.

The best part about India is you travel some 700 km and you can’t speak the language, can’t read and can’t communicate but the best part which you get everywhere in India is a roadside tea.  Heavy rainfall, banana chips, and tea, what else you need.

Day 3: Train journey to Trivandrum and the cleanest beach of India

Next-Day we were going to Varkala, We had an early morning train to Trivandrum, which is the capital of Kerala.

The train journey was through such lavish green areas and water bodies, you can just sit in awe to view all the natural extravaganzas. There we stayed at the hotel just in front of the sea at Varkala. I forget the name but you can get many at cheap prices. As I don’t believe in spending much rather enjoying the ambiance. We went to a local coffee shop and enjoyed the coffee. watching the sunset.

In the evening we had booze at a restaurant where you can listen to all the romantic songs and enjoy the weather. The seafood was amazing, especially lobster and prawns were finger-licking good.

You can see the lighthouse pointing beam of light at you while you enjoy the clear sky in the night by counting stars. The white sand, the good ambiance, the people, and the cleanliness of the beach, makes you believe in Gods own country.

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