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Manali In Winters becomes a little more special. It can be termed as the door to heaven, a path to salvation, or it can be termed as a starting point where the insect of travel can bite you.


One of the most famous tourist destinations in India. We have been to Manali in both summer and winter and had seen both snow and grass-covered hills and mountains. And as far as the mountain tops are concerned they are always snow-capped year-round.

This post is about winters in Manali when winters were at its peak, we celebrated Christmas in Manali. Campfire, smoke, wine, and lots of memories.

As we were looking for an off-road trip. We stayed at Indraprastha Cottage, it is at a walkable distance from Delhi Public school in Manali and has a beautiful scenic view of mighty Himalayas. So let’s begin Manali In Winters – Travel Blog.

The Journey

We started at 9 pm from Delhi, hoped into the bus from RK Ashram Metro station. Manali is another 3-4 hours journey from Bhuntar stop for Kasol.

The private bus stand is very far away from the main city. You simply cannot walk to the main city until and unless you are super healthy and not tired with a 15-16 hr journey from National Capital Delhi.

Post arrival, It’s an uphill walk and will lead you directly to mall road/govt. bus stand.  Better to took an alto [cab] or tuk tuk[auto rikshaw] to reach the main city.

Since we were tired and Manali was damn cold in winters, so we tried reaching our cottage by 12 pm. The time which was by luck accurate for check-in while going towards the cottage.

The biggest concern for us was the 45-degree inclined hill walk, and we need to reach our cottage. The way to our cottage was such a major task it was looking like a roadies event to us. We started doubting our booking skills but we took a deep breath and started crawling. But when we reached the cottage we were awestruck with the view.

The cottage has such a beautiful scenic view, with snow-covered mountains and farmhouses that we almost forgot our tiredness making Manali In Winters travel, a beautiful place to visit.

The Experience of Manali In Winters Travel

We were three people we put our luggage there, got a hot coffee, unwinded ourselves, and went for a walk to the main town. As it was Christmas, the city had a different vibe and enthusiasm. Everything was colored including shops and restaurants even the leaves of the tree was orange, yellow, and green.

Day 1

While coming down from cottage we went to Hadimba temple, Hadimba was the wife of great warrior Bheem and eventually an Asura [devil]. There were rabbits, yak, and sheep, you can have pictures with them.

The big old trees and the big park between the old trees. The park looks like a jungle, but a well-maintained jungle.

You cross the Hadimba temple and you stepped into the old Manali. Old Manali has its own charm, we got booze for the evening and ate at cafe 1947.

The winters are not crowded in Manali, as it is extremely cold. It’s just the wanderers who want to enjoy a city in every weather.

We came back to our cottage by 8 pm. We saw a group of people arranging campfire. There were booze, smoke, campfire, homemade chicken, mutton desi/Indian style and a guitar.

The evening went like a breeze, late-night by 12 am, we got to know about snowfall in Gulaba. Gulaba was near to Manali, but the jeep that was going to take us there was already full of passengers.

That night temperature dipped to -5 degree and we were literally sleeping one over another.

Day 2

Next day we went to mall road, We ate Chinese and drank Shakes at a local restaurant [Mount View] as this was not an adventurous trip for us but rather a relaxing one, we booked a taxi to Solang valley, known for the paragliding and a temple at the top, which has natural ice.

We were told that there will be a lot of ice/snow at the top of the rough trek, and once we reached crossing all the shits done by the horses.

We laughed our asses out when we saw it, it was a frozen waterfall.

My freezer will have more ice then this. And hence we were hilariously disappointed, we came back and took an excellent dinner at our cottage, we talked and drank about the stupidities of our life and we enjoyed our life out.

We took rest and take a bus the next morning back to Delhi prebooked. Enjoying our Manali in winters travel.

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